Paintings of Flowers

I have always had a special inclination towards flowers, their colours, bloom and fragrance having the power to brighten up our lives no matter how dull it might be. It is no wonder that flowers are used to show devotion, to show love, to show care and convey various emotions. We adorn our gods with flowers; we give it to our loved ones as a token of our affection and to those sick and ailing to help lighten up their mood.

Paintings of flowers have the ability to bring us closer to nature by just looking at them. Nature has so much to give! The birds, trees, grass and all the beautiful creations of nature that live in it contribute to its beauty.

Flowers hold a special place in nature, drawing towards it birds, butterflies and even human beings.

Flowers add vivid colours and happiness to our lives. Through the paintings of flowers, I’ve tried to bring out the various colours that are present in our own lives, capturing every emotion in a beautiful way! Using acrylic paint, the canvas is brightened up with a multitude of colours and can exhibit various emotions. The paintings of flowers have the ability to brighten up a dull environment, giving us a glimpse of nature’s most beautiful creations; be it in a passage way, office room or even at home.