Buddha Paintings

The Buddha represents peace, tranquillity and bliss. These Buddha paintings are created with a purpose to induce a feeling of peace into the surroundings.

I derived inspiration after travelling to various Buddhist destinations exploring the images of the Buddha. It was a sojourn journey to the giant Buddha in Lantau Island, Hong Kong that acted as the main driving force behind these Buddha paintings. The Buddha paintings portray the different moods and expressions of Lord Buddha with an interesting mix of colours.

A tranquil statue of Buddha set against an awesome sky, large upscale prayer wheels, serene faced Buddha with various emotions, lotuses strewing rosy pink petals appear part realistic and part illusionary.

The paintings dispel a feeling of peace truly following the message of the Buddha. The Buddha is a symbol of calm and repose. The Buddha paintings bring out this serenity in a simple yet eloquent manner. It is a perfect addition to a room, inducing an ambience of peace instantly. If you’re planning to have a meditation or prayer room in your office or home, a Buddha painting is a must-have!