"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see!"
-Edgar Degas

Komal Parmar completed her B.F.A. (painting) from the prestigious Sir J.J. School of Art, Mumbai in the year 2003. After experimenting with different genres of art for the first few years, she has been incorporating non-representational paintings into her full-time practice. She has developed into a versatile painter working with acrylics and oils in her own unique style. Her artwork reflects an interest in expressing herself through colours.

Komal’s paintings are expressionistic with a palette of bright colours that absorb and compliment the geometrical lines she etches onto the canvas. Her paintings have a freshness and spontaneity to them which are an extension of her personality. Her constant endeavor is always to produce rich, colourful images which have a very visually aesthetic appeal to them.

Komal says, "My objective is to enjoy the process and have fun without obsessing about the end product, namely the finished painting. Toggling between successive stages I simplify and unify my work to arrive at a strong composition with bold colors through which, the final painting is more an interpretation of what I feel than what I see".

Komal comfortable painting both real and abstract compositions. Minimalist work is a striking characteristic of her work. Komal had her first show in Balgandharva art gallery, Pune. It was a visual treat for art lovers as the 80 works displayed included landscapes, abstracts, computer graphics, figurative work and semi-realistic work.