Landscape Paintings

The natural beauty surrounding us has always fascinated and inspired artists and painters to create works of art that mimic its stunning magnificence.

Landscapes have had a similar effect on me. This collection of landscape paintings takes inspiration from the beauty of nature that is present all around us. They capture the view of a drive through the narrow roads of Leh, the picturesque grasslands of the countryside, turquoise blue waters, white sand beaches and many more destinations.

The landscape paintings resemble real locations and go through a special process before being created. Scenes from select locations are first captured through a lens, and later put down vibrantly onto the canvas. The rendering is so real it’ll instantly transport you back into the realm of nature.

Brought to life on canvas using oil colours (some acrylic), these landscape paintings are my attempt to capture the soothing and picturesque views of the places I visit. The landscape paintings are especially appealing to a wanderlust, who wishes to enjoy the beauty of nature from within the house or liven up the office environment with images that fill one with wonder and awe!