Figurative Paintings

Figurative art is basically the opposite of abstract. Figurative paintings represent the subject as is and realistically capture the world around.

Rajasthan and Gujarat are states with rich culture and traditions. My ancestral house is located in a village,thereby allowing me to get in touch with rural life on a regular basis. The earthy feeling of the village sets the mood to paint these frames.

Against the backdrop of a dusty land and sun-soaked skies, the brightly coloured costumes of vibrant villagers bring the exotic and vivid states of Rajasthan and Gujarat alive.

These figurative paintings depict the life of the villagers and embody their simplicity and zeal. The use of red, dazzling yellow, lively green and flaming orange bring life to the barren colourless landscape. Through these figurative paintings, you can see how I’veevolved my style of work and established a symphony of colours.